Judy; Cartoons by a Doting Student

These are cartoons by Judy, a cute little girl—maybe 6 years old...7?—who's enrolled at Joy, and who I get to teach in a comparatively small class every two weeks or so.

Sorry; no picture of Judy! Maybe later.

Anyway, I think Judy had a little "crushy" thing on me, early in the game. She started drawing pictures of me and leaving them on my desk when I wasn't looking. I'll show you a few....

Judy's little puppy crush on me has pretty much abated; I no longer get these cartoons. We do get on fabulously in class, though!

Some notes:

WRT that last comment about the tie, it highlights the fact that Judy, although she is very young, actually has good artistic sensibility; her sense of line is quite mature, and she has a good understanding of the importance of icon in graphic communication. Notice the crowd of people in the background in the 3rd picture. Using the outline like this is very effective; she no doubt saw this trick in a cartoon elsewhere, but has the sophistication to objectify it and appropriate it for her own work. Impressive for a very little girl!