Some Night Shots

Here's a shot down Chungshan Road at night. The Joy school is on the left, before the light; but don't think you'll be able to make it out. It doesn't have a lit sign. Come to notice, though, I can point out a soft green light from the second story front classroom.

I was just contemplating the fact that you see lots of nice cars in Dongshih. I suspect this is sort of a recent phenomenon. Actually, it brings to mind the ULA Café, a coffeeshop (elsewhere in these pages), where Wei Chi is sort of languishing; she may go bankrupt. If so, then she misjudged the timing of intrducing a coffee hangout to small-town Taiwan. A shop like hers would do OK in Taipei or Kaoshaung. Judging from the cars, you'd think the time was ripe!

But where was I? Oh yeah. Cars. There are still lots of folks—including families!—for whom the trusty scooter remains their main mode. You can see a row of parked scooters in this pic, on the left.

It's funny how these little chapters go: For some reason, this night foray with the camera seemed a fitting time to capture a little institution on this strip that I depend on for essential vitamins and minerals; So's fruit shop. There are lots of such shops all over town, and So's is convenient for me. Oddly—and I still don't know why—So speaks quite good English. We see the great man; and I'm not being facetious here. I'm very fond of So.

Here's a little tea shop that sprang up adventitiously next to the new Hakka Center. I've gotten two reports on this shop, neither flattering, sorry to say. Nonetheless, it makes a pretty picture at night.