Visiting Steph

Stephanie Ho works at (what's left of) Nortel Networks.

She came to what was, at the time, BNR when I had been there a year or two. We started hanging out together, often with Doug Nguyen. Over time we came to trust each other quite a bit. It's an odd thing; we're really on different wavelengths, yet can suspend judgement of each other long enough to see the humanity that lurks just under surface appearances. We can laugh and joke and speculate—and even, from time to time, upbraid—without fear. She's been a good friend.

Here's an interesting, dragon-ladyish sort of pic of Steph. In her lair! This is the living room of her sumptuous digs. These windows overlook a nice little green space—though it's not exacty green right this minute, as you can see.

One of Stephs abiding passions has been her dogs, of which she seems to have always had a few. Here's Teddy. Strangely (or maybe not so), he sort of took to me, and jumped up on my lap. I was sort of woozy for much of the visit, and here you see me semi-consciously caressing the pooch.