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Visit to Mei Guo 01

The Plane Ride to Detroit

So begins the pilgrimage to my roots.

First Day in Michigan

Culture Shock? Only maybe.

Warming Up

No "White Christmas" for Ron... Yet.


Can't keep a good man down!

Let It Snow

What a shame if I didn't get to see some snow!!

Trip to Hudsonville

Visited my sister and brother-in-law.

Jim Dishman

Saw a childhood buddy I'd not seen for...geez...30 years?(!).


DFW = "Dallas / Ft. Worth". This is the second leg of my voyage.

Visiting Lee

Lee is another old work comarade from Nortel. His family has, in a manner of speaking, adopted me as a person with whom they can share their Christmas—and it is a lavish affair, as you'll see.

Heisenberg Strikes

A Cautionary Tale.