Alexander and the Wind-Up Mouse


This is Ron.

Here's a great story by the wonderful Leo Leonni!
You're going to read along with me!

This is a story by Leo Leonni.

Note to Parents:

The artwork in the "real," paper book is much better to look at than the JPEG reproductions you'll see on these pages. I highly recommend you try and find the book and use that. However, if you can't find a copy of the book, these Web pages will get the idea across.

Here's what you do:

  • On each page, you'll see these things (look at the picture above to help you understand):
    • The text, in English, of the story. Some words and phrases will be colored RED. Also, you will see...
    • the picture that goes with the text. You will also see...
    • little pictures that you can click. These pictures do these things:
    • The "Listen" picture will start the reading.
      When you click on this picture, you will hear me read the story to you.

      The "Next Page" picture advances to the next page of the story.
      Click this picture when you're finished with the page you're looking at.

      The "Previous Page" picture backs up to the previous page of the story; the page you may have already read.
      Click this picture if you want to review earlier pages.

      The "Home" picture brings you back to this page.

  • I will read each page in a special way:
    • First, I will simply read the page, without stopping. Just listen carefully and quietly read along in the text.
    • Then you will hear me say, "Your turn!"
    • At this point, you will hear me say words and lines from the story. When you hear silence (quiet) in the reading, that means it's your turn to practice saying the word or words I just said.

      Note that I will be drilling you on the RED words and phrases.

    • When we're done going over this page, you'll hear me say, "Turn the page!" Click on the "Next Page" picture to advance to the next page.

  • Are you ready to try?

If so, click here to begin!

Good luck!


    pages 1-2    pages 9-10   pages 15-16  pages 21-22  pages 27-28
    pages 3-4    pages 11-12  pages 17-18  pages 23-24  pages 29-30
    pages 5-6    pages 13-14  pages 19-20  pages 25-26  page 31
    pages 7-8