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Welcome to the Pluck & Bravado info page!

In a nutshell, Pluck & Bravado is Chinchin (Chinchin) and me (Me) playing music together.

Chinchin plays flute (flute), and I play classical guitar (guitar).

We play... Hmm! Well, perhaps the best way to describe what we play is that we play my mother's favorite music. Not entirely, though! We play a few light jazz standards, and we're starting to practice some simple classical pieces.


We play at La Terrasse, in Taichung, Taiwan.

This is a restaurant. Here's a map to help you find it; note the "A" pointer:

La Terrasse Google Map


We expect to play every other Saturday, at 8pm.

Of course, this can change (cancellation, extra gig) at a moment's notice, so stay tuned to this page!

When Do We Play?

Our next gig will be on 18 August (2012).

Remember: That's 8pm!!! (8pm).

...and bear in mind...

You'll need to buy something! The food there can be roughly described as "western-style" cuisine.
AND... it's very, very good!


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