Ron A. Zajac's putz system

My Puzzles

Title PDFAcrossLite Dimensions
Alien kisser 17x17
Tree of Life 19x19
O Duty 13x13
Unicorn of the Sea 17x17
You Stay Here and Hold This Bag 21x21
Joycean Romper 17x17
A Nice Comforter 21x21
A Plethora of Slackers 21x21
Double In 11x11
Cedekabrudo 21x21
Piggyback Mountain 15x15
Snarkalicious 13x13
Santas Vaquero 11x11
Make It Work 8x8
Fillmore East June 1971 15x15
Tiny Tot 7x7
Celestiality 13x13
Toad Away 21x21
Oh Canada 11x11
Welcome to PUTZ 8x8
Overs   9x9
As ye sow so shall ye reap 17x17
Ten Trios Traipsing 17x17
Nitpik 7x7
All In   9x9
Society for the Preservation and Eventual Reinstitution of Male Supremacy   7x7
Jabberwocky 13x13
Kiss Kiss Bang Bang 21x21
Tiny Things 7x7
Tell Us How You REALLY Feel 13x13
Impetuous Nothingburgers 11x11
Untitled Number Five 21x21
Smooth Muscle Contractions 17x17
Frequently and Forever 9x9
A Bit Unconcilatory 11x11
Grandaciousment 15x15
Oozy Coo 21x21
Zippys Shoes 21x21
Usually Gesticulating 13x13
Hither and Thither 13x13
Welcome to Denmark 21x21
Neoyeomen 15x15
Condor Alley 11x11
Paper Goods 5x5
Adorable Curmudgeonliness 21x21
Aster State Tears 9x9
Op Ed 15x15
A Four Fourty 21x21
A Foolish Consistency 17x17
Folding Money 21x21
Pluckings 19x19
None Too Easy to Please 21x21
ESL Baby Puz002   11x11
ESL Baby Puz001   13x13
Raising the Rabble 17x17
Frank Its the Mothership 17x17
Ex Post Toasties 13x13
Wojo 11x11
Weird Old Dude 21x21
Persia in the News 17x17
Taking the Wig Down Off the Shelf 17x17
All Men Are Pigs 19x19
Cryptoe Spueu 19x19
Dat Ole Time Religion Tut Style 21x21
Uncouth Jollies 13x13
Take Your stinking Paws Off Me 13x13
I Say How Perfectly Jocund 11x11
Nobody Ever Went Broke 21x21
Regular Joes 19x19
Henrik Ahead of His Time 19x19
Pretty Buff 15x15
Fellow travelers 13x13
The Art of Sound FX 17x17
Make the Jump 11x11
If Youre Going to Moo 17x17
Eh Whats Up Doc 17x17
But Shes Only a Dream 13x13
One Mans Patriot 17x17
Scourge of the Faithful 13x13
Flying Blind Close Scrape 21x21
Ape Dopes 21x21
Walkin the Plank 21x21
Ignatz s Target 21x21
Give it Your All   11x11
Thinking Its Candy 21x21
Prodigals 15x15
Be Bop 15x15
Catching Some Zs 13x13
Craze Eee 13x13
Caraaaazy 13x13
Whale Dance 11x11
Better than Beef Oar 21x21
Dinner at Ate   13x13
Promenade of Noises 15x15
Horticulture 21x21
Longer than Wide 6x10
Good Natured Emma   ?x?
To Follow by Faith Alone ?x?