For Hunt

Here's the swag!

It's a sampling from 自然的簫聲: 莊子說 ("Nature's Flute: Zhuang-tse Speaks!"), by 蔡志忠 (Cai Zhejong). Sorry, but I'm not proficient enough in Chinese (yet) to do the legwork to get some meaty biographical material on the guy.

This the the title piece, and it's three pages. Note that each page reads Chinese-style—which is to say, "backwards". There are numerals in the corners of the panels that'll remind you, should you be momentarily confused.

It's not the most resonant piece in the book for me, philosophically speaking, but these pages were a pleasant reminder to me of your cartooning style, and I thought you might be curious to check it out as well!

Oh yeah; I did the translations; certainly not the best possible, but it'll have to do, eh?

Hope you like em! -raz (冉雍時)

First Page Second Page Third Page
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(Oh: Just click on the thumbnails! -raz)