The Melody Stones

Here are some pics I took of stones.

I was visiting Melody, Walter, and Jerry; and the cousins were there; all the cousins were girls; Jerry was the only boy.

Melody and Walter installed smooth stone beds in their walkway in front of their house; the idea is that it's fun (and one hopes a little salubrious) to walk barefoot on these loose stones; a kind of foot massage.

These cousin girls got to looking at these stones—which appear to be pieces of veined white marble, smoothed down by some kind of riverbottom action—and saw images in the shapes and veination (or lack thereof!)

They stared building a little managerie!

They got a cardboard box for a "display table", and started labeling rocks they found, and setting them on the slips of paper, arraying them for viewing.

I thought it was charming as hell, so I got pics, which you can see below.

You'll see the name, in Chinese. If you can't read Chinese, then... can you guess the name from looking at the rock?

If you give up on guessing, notice the name of the JPG file; it's a weird, "scrambly" looking thing; this is the English name, encoded using a simple scheme:

  1. reverse-ordered (e.g., "Orange" → "egnarO"), then
  2. each letter incremented (e.g., 'a' → 'b', 'z' wraps back to 'a'; therefore "egnarO" -> "fhobsP")

Just reverse this process to get the original English appellation.

Click on the "thumbnails" below to see bigger images!