NPR "Animal Noises"

Puzzle Statement:

Take the name of an animal. Replace the last letter with an "h". You can then rearrange the letters to make the word for a sound that animal makes.


The wolf goes "howl", and
The owl goes "who".

In addition:

Our social animal pal the beaver entreats us to "behave",
The salmon greets lox-lovers with a heartfelt "shalom",
The lowly toad mutters an "oath".

The Program

Click HERE to see the tcl program.

The Output

Here's the full output from the program:

H:\TclStuff>H:\as\bin\tclsh puz09152002 
H:\as\bin\tclsh puz09152002 
Solset(ant)     = han
Solset(ape)     = hap pah
Solset(ass)     = ahs ash has sha
Solset(bat)     = bah
Solset(bears)   = brahe rehab
Solset(beaver)  = behave
Solset(beetle)  = bethel
Solset(boars)   = abhor
Solset(cat)     = cha hac
Solset(coney)   = cohen enoch
Solset(coot)    = coho
Solset(crab)    = arch char
Solset(crane)   = ranch
Solset(crow)    = orch
Solset(deer)    = heed
Solset(dog)     = doh hod
Solset(donkey)  = honked
Solset(eagle)   = helga
Solset(eel)     = hee
Solset(elk)     = hel
Solset(gnat)    = hang
Solset(grouse)  = roughs
Solset(impala)  = imphal
Solset(insect)  = inches niches chines
Solset(lark)    = harl
Solset(lemur)   = hulme
Solset(locust)  = slouch
Solset(mole)    = holm
Solset(moose)   = homos
Solset(ostrich) = orchist
Solset(owl)     = how who
Solset(pig)     = hip phi
Solset(rail)    = hair
Solset(rat)     = rah
Solset(raven)   = haver
Solset(salmon)  = shalom
Solset(seal)    = ashe shea
Solset(shark)   = harsh
Solset(skunk)   = hunks
Solset(sloth)   = holst holts
Solset(snail)   = hsian
Solset(snake)   = khans ankhs hanks shank
Solset(spider)  = pished
Solset(swallow) = shallow hallows
Solset(swan)    = haws shaw shwa wash
Solset(teal)    = hate heat thea
Solset(tiger)   = eight
Solset(toad)    = oath
Solset(wolf)    = howl
Solset(wren)    = wehr
Solset(yak)     = hay yah