Ron A. Zajac's Word Play Page


Welcome! I like to solve word puzzles and just generally dink around with words, using computers.

Lately, I've been running tcl programs on Windoze® IntelTM; machines to process a massive word list I obtained from "the biggest viewable dictionary on the net".

I preprocessed this word list and created an associative array that maps letter-sorted words to their source word(s).

Does that sound complicated? I just mean mappings like this:

afors ==> afros faros sofar

In other words, the three words on the right are mutual anagrams. When you sort their letters, all three cough up the same "hash" key "afors".

This is a very handy mapping, especially useful for word puzzles in which anagrams play a part. Of course, you can extract simple word lists from this mapping, as well. It's very flexible.